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May 25th 2015 Memorial Day(5)

June 4th 2015 with Doug Rees(7)

June 11th 2015 with the Whitewater Bluegrass Band(4)

June 18th 2015 with Elvis and the Piano Man(6)

June 25th 2015 Nick Leist Band Shell Dedication(5)

July 2nd 2015 with Steve Schaffner(6)

July 4th 2015 with Pat Schwent and the Saxy Jazz(9)

July 16th 2015 with Sylvia Kern(6)

July 21st 2015 Homecomers(4)

July 30th 2015 with Kristen Schweain(5)

August 6th 2015 with Mark Rees(6)

August 15th 2015 WW2 Memorial Concert(5)

September 20th 2015 with SUPERJAM(9)

September 26th 2015 Altenburg Fair(5)

May 30th 2016 Memorial Day(6)

June 2nd 2016 with Mark Rees(8)

June 9th 2016 with Doug Rees(8)

June 23th 2016 with the Whitewater Bluegrass Band(9)

June 30th 2016 with Scott Holt(8)

July 7th 2016 with Steve Schaffner and Friends(9)

July 14th 2016 with Patrick Rafferty(8)

July 16th 2016 Jackson Picnic(6)

July 21st 2016 with Barefoot on Sunday(8)

August 4th 2016 with Sylvia Kern(7)

May 29th 2017 Memorial Day(6)

June 1st 2017 with John Latini(9)

June 8th 2017 with Doug Rees(10)

June 15th 2017 with Scott Holt(7)

June 22nd 2017 with Kimberly Dahme(8)

June 29th 2017 with Jen Friend and Trevor Finlay(8)

July 4th 2017 with Southern Brothers(13)

July 6th 2017 with Steve Schaffner(8)

July 13th 2017 with Whitewater Bluegrass Band(8)

July 20th 2017 with Barefoot on Sunday(8)

August 3rd 2017 with Mark Rees(8)